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Designing great affordable graphics is my passion. It's what I live for. To create something that represents 'you',- whether for business flyers, personal invitations, a blog or for t-shirts, and to get it right every time, is what I thrive on. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I have done a job and done it right. Knowing that the person at the other end is happy with what I've done is a fantastic feeling. And that's my aim. Your happiness. I don't charge you by the hour, there is a set price for everything. So there is no paying for wasted time. And I will keep working on your file until you're completely satisfied. Guaranteed. No questions. Simple as that.
So what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A day of firsts!

Today we have gone live on Facebook! 

And to celebrate we are offering a whopping  
30% off all design service orders placed by 31st July.

You can like our Facebook page here

Another great first is that the lovely Jandy has gone live today with the new logo I designed for her!

Make sure you stop by and visit her wonderful blog here

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